Sit-Down Meals Plate Service – Prices based on 100 or more guests

Filet Mignon

Baby red potatoes w/dill butter
Grilled zucchini & summer squash
Sweet rolls
Greek salad w/ flamed krisseni
Coffee, tea, decaf

New York Sirloin in
Green Peppercorn Sauce $25.00

New castle potatoes
Lemon beans & mushrooms
Mixed green salad w/ champagne vinaigrette
Biscuits & honey
Coffee, tea, decaf

Steak Diane
with Cognac $25.95

O'Brien potatoes
Chopped tomatoes, zucchini & summer squash
Crusty peasant rolls
Endive & watercress salad w/walnut vinaigrette
Coffee, tea, decaf

Prime Rib Au Jus

Baked stuffed potato
Broccoli spears w/hollandaise sauce
Parsley corn
Basket of rolls
Coffee, tea, decaf

Salmon Steak with a White
Wine Marinade $23.95

Julienne vegetable blend
Baby white potatoes steamed
Crusty french bread
Spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette
Coffee, tea, decaf

Baked Stuffed Shrimp

Lemon rice
Mexican vegetable blend
Clover rolls
Warm spinach and basil salad
Coffee, tea, decaf

Grilled Swordfish

Stuffed tomatoes
Wild rice pilaf
Roquefort salad
Assorted dinner rolls
Coffee, tea, decaf

Lemon Sherry
Chicken $26.00

Parsley rice
Asparagus with cauliflower
Knot rolls
Marinated tomato & cheese salad
Coffee, tea, decaf

Cornish Game
Hens $22.95

Fried potato basket
Braised vegetables
(shallots, brussel sprouts, carrots)
Minty cucumber salad
Snowflake rolls
Coffee, tea, decaf

Chicken Florentine

Green beans w/ grueyere
Tomato stuffed with vermicelli pesto
Hard rolls
Garden salad
Coffee, tea, decaf

Oven Roasted
Chicken Breast $21.95

Stuffed w/ an herb stuffing
Oven brown potatoes
Glazed carrots
Zucchini squash
Walnut salad
Assorted dinenr rolls
Coffee, tea, decaf

Fresh Buttered Native
Turkey Apricot Glaze $23.95

Savory dressing
Mashed potatoes
Butternut squash
Green bean almandine
Fresh garden salad
Petite dinner rolls
Condiments Coffee, tea, decaf